Mold Making Basics: Silicone Block Mold

Here is a good instructional video on creating a mold. 


A series of videos showing the overall process of sculpting a clay figurine (in this case Wolverine).  No voice, and much is in fast motion, but will give you a good overview of the process.  We will be covering much more about sculpting figurines, as I have a personal goal toward learning figurine sculpting.  Enjoy the videos!


Free Tutorial: Sculpting Wolverine

How to Make a Japanese 12-in-2 Chain Maille Bracelet and Ring

Here is a good video that gives you a good description of the technique and tools of creating chain mail jewelry.  There are much easier patterns than this, but it is a very well done pattern nonetheless. 

A number of years ago, in a desire to reduce my stress, I took up a new hobby… crochet.  I was never good at it and after many months of work, the only thing I created was a square.  It wasn’t even a good square.  But I didn’t do it for the final product, I did it for the process, and primarily I did it to reduce my stress.  It worked, very well in fact, my stress was greatly reduced from the activity.  However, when people found out that I crocheted, it was somewhat embarrassing.  Not wanting to give up the benefits, I sought out more “manly” crafts – and there are many.  This blog will be dedicated to manly crafts that won’t jeopardize your manhood. 

I hope you enjoy!
Bob Lair